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Ever thought of driving a horse-drawn carriage?

From the Driver's Seat

Driver Opportunities


Professional Horse Drawn Carriage Drivers:

Yellow Rose Carriage Company is currently offering contract opportunities in one of this countries most historic cities, San Antonio Texas. As a contract driver for Yellow Rose Carriage Company you will meet and greet people from around the world, introduce them to this cities wonder historic sites while sharing stories of the Old West and modern day Texas, all this while driving a beautiful horse drawn carriage through the welcoming streets of our city.


Our industry is regulated by city ordinance and there are some specifics that the city requires for their carriage driver licensing:


*  Clean Driving Record

*  No criminal history, (a background check will be conducted)

*  Pre-employment drug testing and physical will be required

*  Must be customer service oriented and friendly

*  Excellent communication skills

*  Clean, neat, well kept appearance


Yellow Rose Carriage Company is accepting contract applications for coachmen.  You must have horse experience.  If you do not have driving experience, there are several driving schools in or around the San Antonio area where you can learn. 


You will be a contract driver and will be required to provide your own supplies and licensing through the city.  It will be your own business contracted through our company


Some of the supplies you should have include (but are not limited to):


All grooming equipment

Harness cleaning supplies

Carriage cleaning supplies

Driving whip and attire as desired

12 v battery for lights

Battery charger

Power inverter for decorative lights

Decorations and decorative lighting (the only lights the company provides are the city required lighting.)

Tools to do general maintenance on your carriage.

Any insurance that you require.


With your rental contract, the company provides:


The opportunity to work in the City of San Antonio carriage industry.

A carriage that is inspected and licensed to do business in the City of San Antonio.

A horse that is inspected and licensed to do business in the City of San Antonio.

The facility to store/house the carriage and horse.

A harness that is safe as required by the City of San Antonio.

Major safety maintenance repairs as required by The City of San Antonio.

The ability to accept credit cards as part of your business. 


If you are familiar with horses and know to drive, we would like to visit with you.

If you do not know how to drive, we can get you in touch with a driving academy in the San Antonio area that can teach you and get you going.

Contact us for local driving acadamies. 

 For additional information please send your name and contact information to stephbuck24@hotmail.com