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Our Teams

Teams:  it's a relationship.  A two-way street.  A love story.  A partnership.
Those of you who spend long hours with your beloved equine understand.
Chris & Hoss

Chris says, you know those young girls who look at horses and just get stars in their eyes?  She never grew out of that.  If you look, you can still see them in her eyes when she looks at Hoss.  Well, every horse, really, but especially Hoss.   Chris says she nevered wanted a Clydesdale (all those feathers to keep clean!  Ugh!) but now she couldn't imagine wanting any other horse.  HossBoss is so amazing and proud and strong and gentle.  She has at least a thousand pictures of him on her phone.   
Hoss has a huge heart, and is such a loving and giving partner.  Look how soft his eyes are:  you can definitely tell if you're someone he cares about.  He absolutely loves being downtown- you can see it in his step as he nears the Alamo.  Watch them as they go through town, and see how they listen to and take care of each other.

Ryan & Red

Red is nothing more than a big kid.  In fact, he prefers the company of children.  You might see him turn away from an adult, but he reaches out to the children every time.  Red loves kids. 

Ryan and Red are the perfect combination.  They both look at the world as something to enjoy, with wonder sometimes but eagerness always.  Ryan and Red always see the fun side of life.                 



Cynthia & Jed



Cynthia has been driving with Yellow Rose off and on for a long time.   She was there when Jed first arrived 6 years ago.  Her husband gave Jed his name.  Together they introduced Jed to downtown San Antonio.   Both of Cynthia's dauthers have driven Jed.   So when Cynthia came back again, it was to drive Jed.  And when the husband wants to come back to drive once in awhile, that'll be the only argument he and Cynthia have:  who gets to drive Jed.

 There's no arguing that Jed is family.

Aaron & Levi








Emily & Amos, aka Mouse

Emily grew up riding and showing horses in Minnesota. After living in Texas for 6 years without a horse, she had almost given up hope that she would ever have a horse again. One day while  driving downtown behind a horse carriage, she thought,  "there might be a way to get my horse right here in the middle of the city!"   On her first day working for Yellow Rose, she cleaned two stalls and one very dirty horse.  When asked how she liked it so far, Emily came back happily, "it was the best first day on a job! I never thought I would miss scooping poop!" 
Nowadays, her favorite part about driving carriages is meeting all different people, watching their eyes light up when they see the horses or get to pet them, and sharing her knowledge about the city.  She says, "I never cared about history before working at Yellow Rose, but now I want to know the story behind every building!"  







Jackie & Kelley

Sometimes all it takes is fate to form a great partnership as in the case with Kelly and I. We both come from the rolling Hills of Ohio  to the beautiful downtown San Antonio. Where we both now call home . From plowing fields with the Amish and corporate offices we now make fairytales and wishes come true by taking rides in a Cinderella carriage through San Antonio. Kelley and I enjoy meeting  people from all around the world.
There is something special watching Kelly make new friends for the very first time. She truly loves the attention from everybody that passes by.
Kelley and I would love to make a life long memory with you.

Haley & Nevada

  Haley says:  I have been around horses my whole life, and have been driving commercially for the last 8 yrs. I fell in love with the drafts the very first time I saw the Budweiser hitch in a parade as a child.  Then I discovered the Shires and the Percherons! I absolutely adore these gentle giants.  They make going to work a pleasure.
Coming from driving in Boston to driving in San Antonio has been a big change, but I really enjoy the warm weather! Miss Nevada is my partner and a diva. She very graciously allows me to glam her up in any way I see fit. She is stunning in purple and loves to show off her bling!  Nevada makes my job easy as pie.  She loves to give kisses in hopes that a peppermint will come her way!!





Phoebe, British Cinderella














Melissa & Claire

My name is Melissa and this is my bestest work partner in the whole world, Claire. My whole life I have been obsessed with horses. When I was 4 years old my parents promised me that the first pink horse they found they would buy it for me. Needless to say I am still waiting, but I believe I have something better than a pink horse. I have Claire, the most hard working, giving partner, who loves her job. First book I ever "learned to read," I memorized it, was all about Cinderella, true princess style. I am all girl, loving pink and feeling like a princess. Well, this horse loving princess grew up and figured that it just wasn't meant to be to have horses in my world. I never did lose hope of being a princess. Then one day I found the fantastical world of carriage driving. I gave up my degreed career to live this dream come true.  So not only do I get to share my joy of horses with people, I also get to meet people with dreams of being a princess, and I get to make those dreams come true, just for a bit, as they see the amazing sights of downtown San Antonio.

Zac & Baby

Zac and Baby                 

Marla & Gary

Marla started out for Austin and ended here in San Antonio. She never dreamt that she would find a job AND an adventure driving a horse carriage in downtown San Antonio. Every day here is an adventure.
"Gary… Gary is like a fine car, with all the "bells & whistles".
When I was assigned Gary I couldn't believe my luck...as he is one of the most coveted horses in the barn.
He is an absolutely gorgeous, dark, Percheron/Standardbred cross.
Underneath all that beauty is a high-performance motor...so to speak.
It took a few weeks for us to click. I have never driven a horse that is so quick. And like a fine car, though they are gorgeous, you have to learn to control the speed. When Gary and I finally clicked... he knew what I wanted and I knew what he wanted....it was just heaven. Sometimes people see him on the stand...standing there very calmly with his head slightly hung and they ask "Is he tired?" My reply is "no he's resting, "waiting for his next ride" because truly, he's like a fine car just standing there, idling quietly. As soon as I ask him to "step out", he is quick to do his job. He gives absolutely 100%...if there was more he would give it.
Though Gary is an absolutely stunningly handsome horse and performs like a dream, he is one of the most humble & giving horses that I have had the privilege to work with. He is a sweetheart.
It's a true partnership… I take good care of him...he takes good care of me. Working with Gary is an absolute pleasure that I look forward to....each & every shift.
Watching Gary walk down the street is a sight to behold, he steps like no other horse downtown... better yet, come to the stand and say hello to Gorgeous Gary."                 

Donovan & Regan











Skyler & Pete

Skyler- boy does she love that horse!  She and Pete have been through good times and bad together, and come out stronger on the other end.  Skyler believes that life is a work in process, and as such she is always learning.  Pete is the perfect horse to go on that journey with her, to learn together.   Good thing Skyler keeps her pockets filled with apples!   Pete would follow her anywhere.  


Catherine & Surprise

After more than two  decades in the Texas Hill country, my boys and I have raised more horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, chickens, etc than most will encounter over the course of their entire life. Needless to say, there have been a few unique personalities along the way... Before I began working for Yellow Rose, though, I'd never met an animal with whom I related to so viscerally and identified so personally and completely. Surprise, simply put, is breathtaking; a gorgeous Belgian Clydesdale-Draft amalgamation,  striking high-cheekbones combined with an unusually agreeable, nonchalant demeanor in this seven year old gelding. Every night, as Surprise and I make our rounds downtown, I count my blessings and thank the heavens for allowing me to work with such a pleasant, competent, and loving equine partner.



Zac & Jake, Silver, and Jed
Zac grew up riding and roping horses.  He says there's nothing like the thrill of being there in the box, your horse quivering and eager under you, waiting for the gate.     Once the love of horses gets in your blood, it never goes away.  Not even 12 years without horses could take it away from Zac.  "It's the smell you miss.  The being together.  Even cleaning a stall is pleasant, because you're hanging out with your horse.  I can't believe I even missed cleaning stalls!", Zac smiles.  Zac smiles a lot.
"Driving carriage horses is different.  This isn't about the thrill, this is more about relaxing.   It's their spirit.  They're so gentle."  The partnership is important to Zac.   "It's the connection.  You think it's nothing sitting up there, but there has to be a connection.  They have to want to be there."
He sighs wistfully and looks towards the sky.  "It's like the singing inside of the song, you know?" 





Steph Buck: General Manager, Mastermind, and Da Boss










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