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Our Teams

Chris and Chic
 Chris enjoys spending time with her horse and meeting people from all over the world.
This job was a perfect fit for Chris, and she for it.
To Chris, the trust between herself and her horse is special. Chic doesn't just trust everyone!

Cindy and Jameson
Cindy loves to educate people about the industry, and to work in what she calls the best partnership in the world.
For Cindy, bringing back a forgotten industry and being the voice of the horses was a job too important to ignore.
Cindy says that the bond a carriage driver makes with their horse is the reason she comes to work everyday. "We always have one another's back and nothing will ever break that bond," she says. 


Friend to all Horses! 

Zac loves to give tours in both English and Spanish, enabling him to chat with families from all over.

Zac saw this opportunity three years and never looked back after taking it!

Zac describes the feeling of knowing you and your horse are in-sync as 'gratifying'. "As a weekend driver I have had the opportunity to drive different horses - and I am very grateful for that," he says. 

Melissa and Gabriel
 Melissa loves being a driver to showcase her artistic side, share the history downtown, and most importantly to work with the amazing horses.
Carriage driving started as a hobby for Melissa, but she soon fell in love with the job and decided to never leave.
 "I spend much time bonding and developing trust," Melissa says about her horse. "My horse is more than a horse. He is my partner".


Jackie and Rusty
Jackie loves watching the smiles from the people on her carriage, and making life-long memories.
To Jackie, no other job could fit better with her love of horses and enjoyment in meeting new people.
"It is almost magical when we are in sync together," Jackie says of Rusty, "He has a quirky personality that not many see until he lets you see it." 

Skylar and Lucille
  Skylar enjoys working with the horses and meeting great customers.
Skylar always knew she wanted to be a driver as soon as she knew what they were!
Skylar says that Lucille, or 'Lulu', is her better half and the real star of the show. Lulu loves her daily salads, and nap time!


Alicia and Levi
 Alicia loves to meet new people and hear about where they are from.
In regards to working at Yellow Rose, Alicia chalks it up to faith.
Alicia says the bond between her and Levi is indescribable, "but he sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside".



The Boss

Stephanie moved from England to pursue a life-long love of horses as a career. 

There isn't a lot Stephanie doesn't do - from answering calls to caring for the horses, she truly is the 'Barn Mom'. 


Phoebe and Reagan
Phoebe is the youngest driver at Yellow Rose. She loves to show Reagan off to the world, glitter and all!
Phoebe moved from England and is currently learning the business to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Stephanie.
Reagan and Phoebe are both divas - that's why they're best friends. 

Destiny and Nevada
Destiny and Nevada love to meet new people from all kinds of backgrounds.
Destiny had always worked in sales, but wanted a job that brought her back to her roots - then she found Yellow Rose.
"Me and Nevada have the same attitude," says Destiny, "and she gives me kisses". 

Cynthia and Red
Cynthia is an expert at the lengthy history of San Antonio, and takes great pride in sharing it.
For many years, Cynthia has worked at Yellow Rose, and always brought fascinating insight to the company.
 Cynthia has a beautiful way of calming any horse, and loves the mutuality of her relationship with Red.

Becky and Zea
 Becky most enjoys meeting people from around the world with Zea.
When Becky heard about the opportunity to work with horses she found it unbelieveable - she had never had the chance to work with horses before.
Zea and Becky share the same interests - including working downtown!


Stand Worker

Linda likes to work the stand to meet all the people visiting San Antonio who are excited to ride the carriages.

Linda's favorite horse is Jed.



The Boss/Farrier 

As a farrier, Richard hot shoes all the horses - the way he was taught in England.

Richard spends most of his time at the ranch with the horses, be it training, feeding, or shoeing.