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Yellow Rose History
Our Story Continues...

Anne and Amos, Percheron/Appy cross
Good Morning America Show

. . . Yellow Rose began with just two drivers, Anne and someone she had met after she’d arrived in San Antonio.  The first few months were not only lean, but rough on Anne.

            “The thing I remember most about that first winter in business was how much I hated the cold,” said Anne.  “I had lived in Hawaii for 2 years and in Miami for 5 years, then I was thrust into the “cold” Texas winter!  I would literally stand at the door of the Menger Hotel after my break and sob because I didn’t want to go back out in the cold.  I had no choice though, there were bills to be paid, so I went.”

            That was 25 years ago. Yellow Rose Carriage Co. has grown from a 1-horse/1-carriage/2 driver business to a jointly run operation with 18 horses, 16 carriages and up to 15 drivers.

Van Archer on stage
Miss Texas Pageant

     Yellow Rose Carriage has had the honor of providing carriages and horses for many exciting events and happenings in San Antonio. 

    These include horses and carriages on the stage of the Lila Cockrell Theatre for the Miss Texas Pageant, inside the Convention Center for City of San Antonio functions, in ballrooms of some of the cities finest hotels, in the filming of one of Perry Como's Christmas Specials, as well as many commercials and live broadcasts.  One year they even had “Shamu” in the carriage for the opening of Sea World. 


Jennifer Lopez as Selena
Rich Van Dyke and Korky at the Alamo Dome


Not only has Yellow Rose Carriage Co. been in and around the City of San Antonio, they’ve been in the movies.  Anne has supplied horses, carriages and drivers for the filming of the movie, “Selena” at the Alamo Dome and they were at Mission San Jose for the filming of the Kenny Rogers movie, “Gambler V”. 

Yellow Rose’s busiest time of the year is during Spring Break and then Summer.  Typically they are busy when the weather is good; when kids are out of school and families come to San Antonio on vacation.  Recently, however, they seem to be busy all of the time, maybe because of more conventions, the World Champion Spurs, and the fact that San Antonio has become more popular among tourists.

Carole Channing

Yellow Rose isn’t just a quaint tourist attraction.  Anne books weddings, debutante parties, parades, hayrides, Anniversaries, dinner rides, funerals…you name it, and they’ve done it. 

 Anne runs a successful carriage business and is one of the lucky ones, who grew up living her dream and continues to build on those dreams!


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