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Special Events can be anything:  quinceañeras, birthday parties, parades big and small, daddy/daughter events, holiday themes, fairs, caisson/ caparison, photo shoots, media advertising, Santa... the list is endless.  If it's special to you, it's special to us.

Have a carriage arrive to transport your special date.  Hire a carriage to entertain your groups of princesses of every age.  Holiday events become more magical when riding on a one-horse open sleigh... er, carriage.

 Make your fundraiser spectacular by providing carriage rides with amazingly gentle giant horses that lean down to be petted.

We travel complete, we bring everything to you.  Special decor or dispensary available, like princess tiaras, balloons, costuming, etc.  We work with your ideas, or offer our own!

Email us with questions or details. (Please note that spam filters sometimes catch odd addresses. You WILL receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, PLEASE try your message again!)

Superheroes and Carriages, fundraiser
Superheroes and Carriages was one of the funnest events ever!  Local cosplay group Heroes With A Heart joined us to raise funds for low-income families for the holidays.  What a rousing success that was!
Battle of Flowers Parade
Battle of Flowers is the third largest parade in the U.S., and Fiesta Flambeau is the largest lighted night parade in the country, televised worldwide.  Our carriages consistently win and place wth judges, and you are carried in style and surrounded by beauty as the world's eyes are upon you.  
Or maybe you just want to wave to friends and neighbors in the local parade, bringing a taste of years gone by to your presentation and your town.  We love to be in parades of ANY size, and bring our experience and our enthusiasm to every single one.
A young girl only turns 15 once.  Mark this specialest of days by arriving in style.  Photo opportunities always available.
Prince Charming proposal
Prince Charming proposal
A specialized proposal complete with actual Prince Charming, done traditional-style in front of San Fernando Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the nation, with the carriage in the background lighting their path like a star fallen from the heavens.
Princess Events
Princess and Me Day, Tobin Center

The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts had its annual Princess and Me Day.  Princesses love horse-drawn carriages.  (Citation:  Disney)  Driver Alicia came as Pocohontas.


Whether delivering Santa to the Alamo or driving him through the college-bowl stadium, Santa rides are always a hit  We have ridden with Santa through town, and we have been the hit of charity events and childrens parties.  
   What's better than Santa arriving on a one-horse open sleigh?  Riding along with Santa, of course!

Caparison/ military
Caparisoned Horse for Peacock Military Academy
Peacock Military Academy called out over 100 names of fallen graduates from the 1940s on at their reunion of graduating cadets.  We were very proud to provide the riderless horse for that powerful symbol.  The sheathed sword and backwards-facing boots stand for the fallen rider.
Veteran's Parades
Veteran's Parades
We are very proud to offer our carriages and our time to celebrate and remember everything  veterans and those who still serve have done for this great country.  We truly appreciate your service.
Daddy/ daughter events
Daddy/ daughter dance
When the handsome Prince  escorts the princess to the ball, he always arrives by horse-drawn carriage.  The daddy/ daughter bond is a special one, an idealistic relationship wherein fairytales are true.  A carriage ride brings back the stars in her eyes when she looks at her charming prince.  Quelle picturesque. 
Cultural Weddings and Events
Cultural Wedding
Cultural weddings and events can be a  riot of color, movement, loud music, and noise.   Our horses are rock solid, even when the crowd gets a little too close during the celebration.  Our horses welcome interaction during your festivities.   Please do inform us, though, if you are planning on having something potentially startling, so we can provide just the perfect horse for a safe and memorable event.
Remote Locations
From county fairs to country weddings, our horses are comfortable on all terrain and with most all crowds.
Large Groups
Phillipine Women of America
Draft horses can pull six times their body weight with ease.  A carriage piled high with the beautiful Phillipine Women of America for the Fiesta Flambeau parade is still a light and easy load, and a fun adventure for the horse.  Your large group means more fun as you share sights and stories!  Multiple carriages for very large groups always available for coordinating tours.