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Specialized Tours

Be My Valentine romantic ride


 Whether a sparkling perfect cinderella, a fantasy unicorn ride, or a romantic open-air tour, the horse-drawn carriage is always a fashionable and popular date attraction.  Don't be caught standing in line:  call for a carriage to meet you at the door.  Flowers and chocolates arranged on the seat make it a special surprise. 


Email for details

Luxury Cabin

Imagine being carried through the city like kings and queen of old.  A shining, muscular horse clip-clops in front as you parade through the streets, dining or entertaining or just lounging in comfort.  Hedonism at its finest!  Sit comfortably across the table from friends, relatives, or even business aquaintances (much business has been discussed during many a carriage ride).  A beautiful city passing by; a friendly, professional driver; even appetizers or beverages can be brought along.  The good times stay with you while the world passes by for your viewing pleasure.


Easily sits six with table, or up to 14 without.  Rentals available by the hour or half hour.  Ask about our introductory special!

Ghost Tour

Well-researched tales give new depth to old stories.  The ghosts of San Antonio are long held and well known, and it often surprises people to learn that there is so much more haunted activity than the brave defenders at the Alamo.   60 minute tours guaranteed to raise chills. Don't ride this one alone!  PG13, available year 'round.


King William

Grand historic homes line the tree- covered streets of the the neighborhood where the more wealthy of San Antonio's early citizen's chose to build their homes, making a community for themselves.  Feel the present slip away as you clipclop through the streets in the manner of yore.  An architecture-lovers dream!

History tours

You can get a bit of history from any of our drivers, but for an in-depth look at the passions and the powers that shaped the city known as the Heart of Texas, you can request a tour with one of our expert historians for a long look at the city as it was.  






Don't be nervous- we are professionals!  We can help make your proposal over-the-top, or quietly romantic, or a family celebration, or anything you like.  Take your princess for a perfect Cinderella ride for that perfect glass-slipper moment.  Or have the carriage waiting at the door of the restaurant for an open-air view of the passing city in an open-style carriage.  Relax together as your driver sets things up for your perfect moment.  Special arrangements our specialty!  Flowers and chocolates available,  family and friend involvement welcome.



Holiday Lights Tour

Seasonal tour starting the day after Thanksgiving, and ending in early January.  A festive ride through the best spots to see the holiday lights downtown.  40 minute tour minimum recommended, an hour would be better.  Bring some cocoa, snuggle under the warm blankets, and sing holiday songs.  Remember that song about the one-horse open sleigh?  ;-)




Dude, Where's My Car?

One of the frequent questions we hear is, "Can you take me to find my car?"  Why yes, yes we can!  Find a driver, tell them as much detail as you can remember about where you parked, and have an enjoyable ride while our professional who knows the streets and parking lots of downtown helps figure out exactly where you are trying to go.  We do this a lot, we know our way around!  Don't be frazzled, instead relax while we bring you and yours safely back to the place you started: your car.  Talk to a driver on the street about this valuable service.